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Holistic Links

Holistic Links

Following are a few links to several of the holistic healers and practitioners I have used over time for my own spiritual journey. Each in their own way have helped me so much and I frequently refer many others to utilize them. I hope you may take some time to check out each of their sites. Be blessed and namaste.

Mignon Manin Erixon-Stanford, Veins of Silver
I came across Manin back in 2006 shortly after I had done a 10-day silent Vipassana retreat in the mountains. While I had become more aware of myself and my spirit, I noticed I felt drained daily. After exhausting medical efforts, I was directed to Manin for help. Upon meeting, I was informed a negative entity was attached to me. At the time, I'm not sure I believed it or not, but Manin was able to remove it and where medicine and doctors were unable to help, I had immediate relief. Since then, Manin has become my spiritual advisor here on Earth and one 

Mignon Manin Erixon-Stanford
of my best friends. I believe God put her in my life at the time I was becoming more spiritually open to receive her gifts. Manin is quite gifted spiritually. In addition to being a Shaman, she is also a Reverend, a Vibrational Healer, an Author, a Usui Reiki Master Teacher (RM/T), a Medical Intuitive, and much more. Check out Manin's website by clicking on her name above to be learn more.

Joel S. Price, Energy Medicine Center
When I moved to New England and was living south of Boston, I looked for someone who had expertise using a specific alternative tool used in holistic healing that I had been using for quite a number of years prior. That tool is Applied Kinesiology. A more common name is "Muscle Testing". It is a form of diagnosis used as a primary feedback mechanism to examine how a person’s body is functioning. Rather than go into a lengthly description of it, I encourage you to click here to learn more about it. While science and many others have tried to debunk this 

Joel S. Price
tool saying it doesn't work, I have made great strides in my healing utilizing it. It's my belief that because I'm open to the alternative methods of healing that tools such as this work for me. Joel is quite adept at his use of Applied Kinesiology. From nutrition analysis to food allergy testing, to finding mental/emotional blockages and chakra imbalances, Joel explores the many possibilities that muscle testing can help with. In addition, Joel offers light and sound therapy and has a vast knowledge of vitamins, herbs, and homeopathy. Check out his website by clicking on his name above to learn more.
guidance and energy based healing. In addition, Kimberlee uses sound healing and Reiki during a client's sessions to assist in the healing process. Check out her website by clicking on her name above to learn more.

Caryn Bellew, Bellas Bodyworks
Another avenue of holistic healing that I've been exploring is Polarity Therapy which is a system of energy balancing and manipulation of pressure points stimulating two points at once (positive and negative) to release energy blockages and intensify the flow of electromagnetic energy through the body. Caryn has been able to use this technique to remove many of the blockages and resistance that has kept my body out of balance for many years. In addition, Caryn also utilizes Reiki, massage, intuitive guidance, and crystals during a client's session. And even better, Caryn is a Medium and offers mediumship classes and table-tipping sessions. I have personally 

Caryn Bellew
experienced these and would recommend it to anyone interested in exploring more of the mystic arts. Check out her website by clicking on her name above to learn more.


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